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The world's first wine barter platform for winemakers by wine enthusiasts.

For winemakers

Pay with wine

For winemakers cash is expensive and long. SwapWine solves that. Winemakers can pay for any freelance work to be done with their own wine. Just find your wine angel amongst wine enthusiasts.

For wine enthusiasts

Get paid in wine

Wine enthusiasts are always on the lookout for hidden gems of the wine world. Now they have a chance to get involved with their wineries of choice by helping with any required task completed and the job done. Literally any job. May it be marketing, accounting, estate planning, or simply some help with annual harvest. And, get paid in wine.

For professional freelancers

get into wine

There are more than 350,000 independent wine businesses with over 1 hectare of vineyards in the European Union. Most of them would love to get access the the best freelance talent out there to complete their day-to-day business tasks. Help winemakers and get a wine subscription of your choice in return. Get into wine!

Get paid in wine it's coming soon!

The world's very first barter platform for winemakers, and wine enthusiasts.

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